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If parties already filed relevant comments in response to the Initial Topics for Comment , they need not refile those comments here.

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Blair, J. An economic justification for a price standard in merger policy: The merger of superior propane and ICG propane R. Zerbe, Jr. Vertical mergers and market foreclosure W.

Academic Articles Awards - Antitrust Writing Awards

Comanor, P. The competitive-neighbors approach to analyzing differentiated product mergers R. Higgins, J.

Levinsohn, P. Settling the controversy over patent settlements: Payments by the patent holder should be per se illegal C. Leffler, K.

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United States antitrust law

This book is also available in other formats: View formats. Competition policies have long been based on a scholarly tradition focused on static models and static analysis of industrial organisation.

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However, recent developments in industrial organisation literature have led to significant advances, moving beyond traditional static models and a preoccupation with price competition, to consider the organisation of industries in a dynamic context. This is especially important in the field of information and communication technology ICT network industries where competition centres on network effects, innovation and intellectual property rights, and where the key driver of consumer benefit is technological progress.

Consequently, when an antitrust intervention is contemplated, a number of considerations that arise out of the specific nature of the ICT sector have to be taken into account to ensure improved consumer welfare.