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Internet Explorer. In stock online. Available in stores. Updated for ASP.

NET 4. Written by popular author and Microsoft ASP. NET, Microsoft's technology for building dynamically generated web pages.

MacDonald, Matthew

This edition retains the highly accessible approach to building the Planet Wrox website example, an online community site featuring product reviews, picture sharing, bonus content for registered users, and more. Beginning ASP. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box.

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C#

Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. It is now clear that MVC is the way to create web pages that is currently Microsoft's favorite.

However the usefulness of a book doesn't directly depend on the politics of the technology and if you are using ASP. NET then you still want to have good books on the subject. What is surprising is that this new edition has lost some pages over the previous edition but not enough to make it easy to carry as a physical book.

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However the general organization of the book remains the same and changes amount to bringing things up-to-date. As already mentioned the bringing up-to-date most certainly does not include MVC which apart from a brief mention at the start is completely ignored.

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5: in C# and VB

It starts off with a look at the way the web application evolved and for once this is justified because you can't really understand why ASP. NET works in the way that it does unless you know how it all happened and what the alternatives are. Chapters 2 and 3 are an introduction to C - brief and to the point. This introduction would be fairly useless to a complete beginner but does server to make sure you know what the modern C looks like.

To work with ASP. NET or to get very much from this book you need to have a grounding in C - you don't have to be an expert but you need to be able to read the code and understand what is going on.

Beginning in C# | Matthew MacDonald | Apress

NET application. At the end of chapter 4 you have written a basic ASP. NET web page but still don't really have much idea how deep and subtle the whole idea is. Your steady introduction to ASP. This is where we start to understand the way that the server side code, controls and events make the client side do what we expect. Chapter 6 continues on in this way by introducing the web controls and explains how to use them and how they are compiled into HTML and JavaScript.

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From this point you should have mastered the general way that ASP. At the end of section 2 you should have a grasp of round trip event handling and the way that controls are created and manipulated i. Part 3 of the book aims to build on the basic ideas that part 2 put in place. It deals with what you might consider the extra pieces that are needed to make a fully working web site.

Chapter 9 explains the validation controls and chapter 10 deals with the "rich" controls e. Chapter 11 explains how to make or own controls and use graphics.