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Hyperspectral remote sensing: principles and applications. Marcus Borengasser, William S Hungate, Russell L Watkins Published in in Boca Raton Fla).

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Lists What are lists? Login to add to list. The ceasing of this capacity in one element and its greater manifestation in another is called dissolution ; it is not, therefore, a case of gross earth dissolving into water. The same is repeated The 2nd Cycle of Simultaneous Dissolution in serial order for the other three elements, with corresponding external and internal signs.

Factor Dissolving External Sign Internal Sign Upon the inception of the fifth cycle the mind begins to dissolve, in the sense water element saliva, sweat, urine, that coarser types cease and subtler ones become manifest.

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First, conceptual- blood and regenerative ity ceases dissolving, so to speak, into a mind of white appearance. This fluid dry greatly subtler mind, to which only a vacuity filled by white light appears, is free from aggregate of feelings body consciousness coarse conceptuality but nevertheless slightly dualistic. It, in turn, dissolves pleasure, pain and can no longer experi- into a heightened mind of red appearance, which then dissolves into a mind neutrality ence the three types of of black appearance.

At this point all that appears is a vacuity filled by black- feelings that accom- ness, during which the person eventually becomes unconscious; in time this pany sense conscious- is cleared away, leaving a totally non-dualistic vacuity the mind of clear nesses light free from the white, red and black appearances.

This is death. A person usually remains in this state of lucid vacuity and neutral feelings as for three days, after which if the body has not been ravaged by great illness feelings the external signs of pus or blood emerging from the nose and sexual organ ear sense one no longer hears occur, indicating the departure of consciousness.

Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth in Tibetan Buddhism

Only at that point is it safe external or internal to remove the body for disposal; prior to that time, the consciousness is still sounds in the body, and any violent handling of it can only disturb the end processes sounds ur sound in ears no of death, possibly resulting in a lower rebirth. As soon as this reverse process begins, the person is reborn into an interme- diate state bar-do between lives, with a subtle body that can go wherever it likes, through mountains and so forth, in search of a place of rebirth.

A lifetime in the intermediate state can last from a moment to seven days, depending on whether or not a suitable birthplace is found. If one is not. He or she then again experiences the Chart 1 eight signs of the reverse process and is reborn in a second intermediate state. This can happen for a total of seven rebirths in the intermediate state, making The 1stCycle of Simultaneous Dissolution forty-nine days, during which time a place of rebirth is necessarily found. Factor Dissolving External Sign Internal Sign The small death that occurs between intermediate states or just prior to taking rebirth is compared to experiencing the eight signs ranging from the earth element body becomes very appearance of mirages to the clear light when going to sleep.

Similarly also, thin, limbs loose; sense upon dreaming, the eight signs of the reverse process are experienced prior that body is sinking to the dream, which ends with another experience of the eight signs of death under the earth followed by the eight of the reverse process. These occur whether one is pass- aggregate of forms limbs become smaller, ing into another dream or awakening from sleep.

The Bardo States

Thus, they not wisdom our ordinary and dark appearance of mirages only indicate levels of subtlety on which every conscious moment is built but consciousness that also describe states through which beings frequently pass without noticing clearly perceives many them. This doctrine suggests that ordinary conscious life is concerned with objects simultaneously only the gross or superficial, without heed of more subtle states that are the eye sense one cannot open or foundation of both consciousness and appearance.

It is a case of not knowing close eyes either the origin of consciousness or the basis into which it returns. Ordinary colors and shapes luster of body dimin- beings are so identified with superficial states that the transition to the deeper ishes; ones strength is involves even fear of annihilation. The most subtle state - that of clear light is eventually used as a basis of compassionate appearance without regenerating grosser minds.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

Ac- tual achievement of these practices is beyond those who have not cultivated compassion, realized emptiness and learned the techniques of deity yoga the meditative appearance of a compassionate mind realizing emptiness - as a deity. However, an accommodation of ones perspective on life to an under- standing of these states is within the reach of those who wish it. It is with this use in mind that this translation is offered. Read Free For 30 Days. Death process in tibetan buddhism. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

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The Bardo States

Chandra Bala. Ayur Montsuregi.

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