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Intercepted digest authentication tokens are susceptible to offline brute-force attacks use strong passwords! Digital certificates The browser must present a signed certificate.

Computer security

Determine if the token expires and how it can be replayed. Examine controls to protect passwords Is authentication performed over SSL? Is the password only submitted during the initial login? Is the password submitted in an encrypted method? Is two-factor authentication used?

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Examine password management controls What is the minimum acceptable length? Must the password contain certain groups of characters? How are password reminders generated? Can they be spoofed? Do passwords expire? Are passwords stored in plaintext? How do administrators reset passwords?

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Bypass authentication Determine if the presence or absence of a cookie value can bypass the login page. Use SQL injection techniques to bypass authentication. Session Analysis Comments Session replay Make sure the communications are encrypted to prevent capture of session tokens.

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  4. Session impersonation Make sure the server matches important fields with the session ID, such as monitoring the userid to make sure it does not change. Session timeout after period of inactivity Does the application terminate a session after a period of inactivity 20 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day?

    Are sessions terminated by client-side JavaScript counters?

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    Are sessions terminated by server-side counters? Session timeout forced after specific time period Does the application require reauthentication after a specific time period regardless of activity 20 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day? Which parameters are required? Which parameters track the session? Which parameters track the user? Is a password requested?

    Does the old session identifier expire? What parameters change for users in different groups? What parameters do not change? Do they contain authentication information? Do they contain authorization information? Do they contain state information? Do they contain sensitive information SSN, password, username? Are they encrypted? Examine persistent cookies set by the application Do they contain authentication information?

    When do they expire? Are they safe in a shared environment? Compare cookie values set for peer users same privilege level Do the cookie values contain user names? What values differ between users in the same group? Can this value be changed to prolong the length of a session?

    Determine the effect of disabling cookie support in the browser How does the application react? In other words, the server only supplies the HTTP status code and relevant headers. In the following example, user input is entered in bold: nc —vv website 80 website [ The POST will define the content-length, content-type, and may contain binary data. Response Headers Accept-Ranges The server indicates it will accept partial requests requests within an accept range for a resource.

    ETag Entity Tag. Used for cache control when the server does not wish to track time or date stamps. Location Used to redirect the client to an alternate source for the requested URI. Proxy-Authenticate Used to carry authentication credentials for proxy servers.

    This header should never been relied upon for security such as identifying location looking for a particular IP address in the header or identify source such as ensuring the previous URI was the login. Server Identify the server product, operating system, or other information. This is usually modified to block unsophisticated attacks and stop incompetent attackers. Vary Used to control caching objects. WWW-Authenticate Negotiate user authentication. Instances of client-side input validation methods Uses a browser-based scripting language.

    Typically trivial to bypass using a local proxy such as Achilles. Instances of server-side input validation methods Performed in the application? Performed for all data? Only user-supplied data? Does it validate data length? Use valid credentials to authenticate to site. Record session cookie s set by the server. Provide answers for each prompt country, location, etc.

    Use stunnel 3. Launch stunnel but do not fork. This is helpful for debugging connections. Specify the certificate in the stunnel. Make sure the chroot directory specified in the stunnel. Hint: Do not launch stunnel in daemon mode; this helps to debug connections. In stunnel. Place stunnel in client mode. Create the HTTP listener in stunnel. Generate file that contains list of web servers listening on port nmap -P0 -p 80 -oG temp.

    Create looping shell script:! Launch Nikto: mkdir results. Modify its ownership and read permissions. Improves performance by reducing the number of times new TCP connections must be established. Remember to provide this user access to files within the web document root. Set by IIS by default, or by the administrator if an alternate account is used. This prevents users from remotely debugging the application.

    AppAllowDebugging False Leave at false for production environments. False if using application-level session handling. Discourages the use of directory traversal..

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    Scripts should be referred to by complete path. Logging should always be enabled. AspScriptErrorMessage string Define a custom string for your application. This prevents users from seeing file names and line numbers in ASP errors. This property specifies whether the web server writes debugging specifics file name, error, line number, description to the client browser in addition to logging them to the Windows Event Log.

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