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  4. Savage Blade. Bear Killer. Powder Keg - Walk the Plank. Bowels of Agony - Implosion. Abyssal Strike. I will be interceding on the Day of Judgment for whoever has faith in his heart. Each prophet before me asked Allah for something which he was granted, and I saved my request until the Day of Judgment for intercession on behalf of my nation. Rather, it is to plead to Allah, the Almighty by the sake of those who are near to Him, like the prophets and the imams.

    Intercession will be for those with good intentions and good belief in this life, who neither defied Allah nor challenged His authority but, perhaps fell behind in part of their religious obligations. Their good record will help them receive the intercession of the messengers, the imams, and the believers on the Day of Judgment. Skip to main content. View this page in our App. View View. This could come in the area of sickness, an emotion out of control, the need for God's hedge of protection or angels assigned. No matter what you sense the Lord saying you respond in that way!

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    At first this will seem strange and it is strange. Respond in faith and the Father will guide you. As God chooses, some interceders will be called into the Ministry of Intercession. The difference is the time you find yourself involved and God will have you interceding for one person for a period of time. This is where God responds to your total surrender to His will for your life and draws you into His Son's death to complete a work in another.

    An intercessor prepares the way of the Lord to his brother's heart. The load is lightened in order for the brother to stand free in Jesus.

    Meaning of Intercession defined including synonyms [define Intercession ]

    The intercessor who receives the burden is able to give it to the Lord, sometimes at once, other times after tears and prayers. The following are points I've learned through Christ's school of learning. It's my prayer that maybe your schooling will be shorter because of the walk I've had.

    William McDowell (Intercession)

    Intercession has been one of the most beautiful ways I've seen God heal a wounded spirit. This could be a hurt, anger, doubts, guilt to name just a few. When I am interceding for one who is miles away I find myself having to trust God more when I've not heard any news. Some might call it curiosity but I feel only love and concern.

    Many times I have received an emotion or desire I thought I had long ago dealt with. Until I realized that these were not mine but had come to me as a part of intercession, I was confused, lost confidence in what was happening. I even felt guilt and unworthiness. Then one day God taught me those are the easy ones.

    All I need to do is give it to the Lord. Once again, knowing God is so important! We soon learn that God is there, after all He started all this. He is blessing you fully even though at times you may not feel His presence.

    Prayer of the Family through the Intercession of Saint Anthony

    You come to know that He is present, not based on circumstances but pure faith. One thing I had to deal with was the fact that God did not care what I was doing when my sister needed help. I really had to learn my time, day or night, was not mine anymore. There's nothing like being awakened in the middle of the night because someone can't "sleep because of worry or anger. Or you may be driving down the highway in a van full of teenagers on a mission trip and realize your sister is getting tired and needing to continue what she is doing. For several minutes you receive her tiredness and give it to the Lord and release God's continual freshness and strength to your sister.

    One area I am still learning a lot about is releasing to someone what God lays on my heart at the time they need it. Intercessors learn much about their relationship with Jesus and the Father. Their love comes to be very real in your life. I guess one of the hardest things to deal with has been to be around someone and seeing them laughing and having fun and receive a hurt or sorrow from them in intercession.

    This last section I feel is the most important part of this study. Believe me Satan does not like an intercessor to be available to God in this way. There's one force fighting against intercession and that's the Devil and his army.

    Publisher of Watchman Nee & Witness Lee

    Many times an intercessor will be called to stand against an attack by Satan for someone who doesn't even realize it's happening or they may know they are under attack. I just experienced this when our grandson was born six months ago. Marcus was just minutes old and developed problems breathing. For two hours my granddaughter, Faith, and I stood by the nursery window and watched the doctor and nurses treat his problem. At times it seemed nothing was working.

    I found myself breaking every curse God revealed to me on both sides of his family and standing against Satan. After about two hours Faith pulled on my skirt and I leaned over to hear what she was saying, "Nana, Marcus is alright now. Satan had been, defeated! As the last days come upon us we will see demonic powers stirring up man's soul to release the latent power within him, Revelation The demonic can cause an intercessor to go astray in the same way he can any Christian in any area of life! What I really feel I need to warn you about is the attempt the demonic forces will make to cause you to use your soul power in interceding for others.

    The Holy Spirit works in our spirit; the demonic spirit works in our soul.