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Using a spoon, dig out the pumpkin insides, save the seeds to roast later. Using one of the plastic teeth as a reference, small marks were made on the surface of the pumpkin for the mouth opening. A rough rectangle opening was cut for the mouth.

Did You Know Pumpkin Can Boost Your Oral Health?

The mouth opening was then shaped with a knife to fit the teeth. For elongated pumpkins with larger mouth openings the teeth can be separated, then pushed into place. Carved pumpkins are going to need eyes. And, there's no wrong way of adding them. Painting is a fun and colourful method to give your carved pumpkin sight. I found a pile of googly-eyes and was able to use hot glue to stick them to the pumpkin surface.

For those who love power tools, another option is to drill round openings. Experiment and have fun. The eyes are very expressive, and can make these vampire teeth fun or scary. The real trick to these toothy pumpkins are that the teeth glow in the dark, but that doesn't mean they can't be lit up like regular jack-o'-lanterns.

Since the cavity inside these mini pumpkins is so small, I used LED tea lights so that they wouldn't burn. The tea lights work to charge up the glow in the dark teeth, so if you turn them off the teeth will glow. Maybe your mini pumpkins aren't terrifying enough. With a few wire coat hangars you can get creative and give your pumpkins some appendages. Wire coat hangars were cut and straightened, trimmed to uniform length, then bent into shape.

Step 1: Scoop Innards, Make Mouth

I made spider legs of one pumpkin, and arms for another. Reply 3 years ago. This site is so inspiring!

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You can find 20 percent of your daily vitamin C needs in 1 cup of pumpkin. This season, try a few unusual, delicious ways to include pumpkin in your fall recipes: Need a quick on-the-go meal or a post-workout refresher with seasonal flair? Look no further than this pumpkin smoothie.

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  5. Try a pumpkin shrimp curry for a savory, sweet and altogether mouthwatering seasonal take on a classic Asian dish. Get your fill of rich, comforting fall treats with this recipe for pumpkin protein fudge — no chocolate required! Toothaches and your sinuses Gift ideas to keep graduates smiling Decrease your sugar intake, increase your health! Categories: Oral Health , Fun Facts.

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    11 Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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