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Hyperspectral remote sensing: principles and applications. Marcus Borengasser, William S Hungate, Russell L Watkins Published in in Boca Raton Fla).

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Moreover, we are developing novel security architectures, exploring new attack vectors, and experimenting with new user interfaces is important, necessary work for enhancing the security of computer systems. Examples include:. Gates rharris3 stanford.

Networking, Distributed Systems, and Security

Gates erutherford stanford. Gates ann stanford. Gates andi. Skip to: Skip to content Skip to navigation. EE Electrical Engineering. At the same time, web-scale applications such as search, social networks, and software-as-a-service, are changing not just the way we use information, but also the way that people interact with each other.

Application processing

We are investigating next generation computation, storage, and communication platforms that enable and simplify the development of such applications. Moreover, we are developing novel security architectures, exploring new attack vectors, and experimenting with new user interfaces is important, necessary work for enhancing the security of computer systems.

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Examples include:. Gates rharris3 stanford. Gates erutherford stanford. Gates ann stanford.

Gates andi. Van Renesse and his students developed Nysiad NSDI a system that implements a new technique for transforming a scalable distributed system or network protocol tolerant only of crash failures into one that tolerates arbitrary failures, including such failures as freeloading and malicious attacks. Currently, he is working with Robert Constable of the NuPrl group on automatically synthesizing fault tolerant algorithms such as consensus.

Security in Distributed and Networking Systems Computer and Network Security, Vol. 1

Emin Gun Sirer and his students have proposed a technique to create more expressive, futuristic networks that enable users to query them about their properties SIGCOMM Called NetQuery, this technique leverages emerging secure coprocessors to establish ground truths about network elements, and facilitates automated reasoning about whether a network exhibits a particular characteristic e. This scheme combines the advantages of client-server systems with the high capacity of peer-to-peer systems, and improves on both of these architectures by quantitatively evaluating the marginal benefit of available bandwidth to competing consumers, enabling efficient utilization of upload bandwidth.

Secure Distributed Networks

The languages allow modular reasoning about network properties. Ken Birman, Robbert van Renesse, Hakim Weatherspoon, and their students are working with researchers from other academia and industry on the Nebula project, whose goal is to address threats to the cloud while meeting the challenges of flexibility, extensibility and economic viability IEEE Internet Computing One artifact that came out of this work is TCPR, a tool that fault-tolerant applications can use to recover their TCP connections after crashing or migrating; it masks the application failure and enables transparent recovery, so the remote peers remain unaware.

Another artifact under development is SoNIC Software-defined Network Interface Card , which provides precise and reproducible measurements of an optical lambda network.

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  6. Cornell is one of the few institutions world-wide where brand new research operating systems are being actively developed. The Nexus enables a new class of applications that can provide unprecedented confidentiality and integrity guarantees; as a demonstration, they have built a social networking application, called Fauxbook, where the users can be assured that their information can not be leaked, even with Fauxbook developers acting as adversaries.

    NDSS : Network and Distributed System Security Symposium « Guide 2 Research

    Hakim Weatherspoon is currently working on multi-core extensions to the Linux operating system, as well as file system mirroring across high bandwidth, high latency links FAST Cornell faculty have done extensive work in the Peer-to-Peer networking area, ranging from file sharing to media streaming to network monitoring. Sirer's Credence system NSDI '05 for determining authentic content on peer-to-peer systems was deployed on the Gnutella network and led to a large-scale user study.

    The Karma system explored peer-to-peer currencies long before Bitcoin. Birman's Kelips system was the first one-hop DHT, and his Bimodal Multicast protocol was unusual in using P2P communication as a tool in a reliable multicast protocol.

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    Weatherspoon designed and implemented the Antiquity system , a secure P2P storage facility Eurosys Besides the topics mentioned above, the systems faculty is also actively involved with cross-cutting research involving Security , Programming Languages , Computer Architecture , and Theory. One example of cross-cutting research is the Meridian SIGCOMM'05 project, where Sirer and his group applied some of the insights from Jon Kleinberg's theoretical work on small-world networks to peer-to-peer systems. Meridian, and its successor, Cubit, can route queries to their destinations efficiently over a lightweight overlay, providing new search functionality not possible with pereceding peer-to-peer systems.

    The Cubit plugin for Vuze was downloaded by more than people.